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Most used Spanish verbs
Most used Dutch verbs
25 most used verbs in Portuguese
Most used French verbs


Spanish conjugation chart

Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish opens doors to a vibrant world of culture, communication, and connections across 21 countries, enriching your life in countless ways.

Learn Portuguese

Learning Portuguese is a joy because its melodious sounds, rich expressions, and warm culture infuse every lesson with a sense of celebration and connection.

Portuguese conjugation chart
Most used Dutch verbs

Learn Dutch

Learning Dutch can be a real challenge. A language that knows many exceptions to the rule.

However, how do you start with creating order in the chaos that is Dutch conjugations?

Check out what blueprints are available to start learning Dutch today.

25 most used verbs in Portuguese

Verbs are the backbone

What is a language without verbs? It forms the backbone to any sentence you will ever make in any language.
Therefore learning its conjugations is one of the most important things to get into your head fast when learning a new language.

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