25 most used Afrikaans verbs

Afrikaans, a West Germanic language with roots in Dutch, holds a unique position as one of South Africa’s official languages. Spoken by diverse communities, Afrikaans serves as a linguistic bridge, reflecting the nation’s rich cultural tapestry.

Embracing the present tense in the process of learning Afrikaans is crucial for effective communication. The present tense encapsulates immediate actions and states, forming the cornerstone of daily discourse.

By mastering the conjugations and nuances of verbs in the present tense, learners not only enhance their ability to express thoughts, emotions, and routines but also lay a solid foundation for navigating more complex language structures.
Understanding the present tense will unlock the doorway to seamless interaction in Afrikaans, fostering cultural understanding and facilitating connections with the vibrant communities that use this language. 

Find a list of most used African verbs underneath.


Most used Dutch verbs

List of most used Afrikaans verbs

Find a list of the most essential Afrikaans verbs underneath:

  • wees – to be
  • – to have
  • maak – to make, to do
  • – to say
  • gaan – to go
  • kom – to come
  • neem – to take
  • sien – to see
  • weet – to know
  • kan – can, to be able to
  • wil – to want
  • dink – to think
  • voel – to feel
  • eet – to eat
  • drink – to drink
  • slaap – to sleep
  • werk – to work
  • bly – to stay, to reside
  • hoor – to hear
  • help – to help
  • praat – to speak, to talk
  • lees – to read
  • skryf – to write
  • leer – to learn
  • kies – to choose

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