25 most used Dutch verbs

Dutch is a wonderful language to master. Verbs are the backbone of any language and mastering the essential verbs in the present tense is your starting point for any conversation or understanding of the Dutch language.

We have created a PDF with the most used Dutch verbs. The essentials that we recommend learning in the beginners level.

It gives you a great visual overview and reminder of these essentials. Find below a list of all the verbs that are included in this digital download.

Most used Dutch verbs

List of most used Dutch verbs

Find a list of the most essential Dutch verbs underneath:

  • Zijn – to be
  • Hebben – to have
  • Worden – to be(come)
  • Zullen – to shall
  • Gaan – to go
  • Zeggen – to say
  • Maken – to make
  • Doen – to do
  • Moeten – to must / have to
  • Vragen – to ask
  • Helpen – to help
  • Lijken – to seem
  • Willen – to want
  • Drinken – to drink
  • Eten – to eat
  • Mogen – to can / be able
  • Zien – to see
  • Zoeken – to search
  • Vinden – to find
  • Wonen – to live
  • Weten – to know
  • Geven – to give
  • Werken – to work
  • Dragen – to carry / wear
  • Komen – to come

Interested in learning how to conjugate like a pro in Dutch? Check out the Dutch conjugation blueprint.

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