25 most used Finnish verbs

Finnish is a fun, unique and complex language that belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family. It is the official language of Finland and also spoken by minority populations in Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Finnish is known for its agglutinative nature, which means that words can be quite long as various suffixes and prefixes are added to convey different meanings. The word order in Finnish is quite flexible, as the meaning is often conveyed through the extensive use of cases, which indicate the grammatical role of each word in a sentence. Finnish uses a system of grammatical cases to indicate the relationship between words in a sentence. There are 15 cases in total, and each case has a specific function, such as indicating the subject, object, or possession. Finnish has a vowel harmony system, meaning that the vowels in a word harmonize or match each other in terms of frontness or backness. This adds a layer of complexity to the language. Now, let’s see about some commonly used verbs in Finnish. We list them below:
25 most used Finnish verbs

List of most used Finnish verbs

Find a list of the most essential Finnish verbs underneath:

  • Olla – to be/have
  • Ajatella – to think
  • Ottaa – to take
  • Osata – to can / be able to
  • Mennä – to go
  • Sanoa – to say
  • Saada – to get
  • Tehdä – to do
  • Juoda – to drink
  • Pitää – to like / hold
  • Ostaa – to buy
  • Ymmärtää – to get / may
  • Haluta – to want
  • Avata – to open
  • Nähdä – to see
  • Kysyä – to ask
  • Löytää – to find
  • Käyttäa – to use
  • Auttaa – to help
  • Asua – to live
  • Tietää – to know
  • Antaa – to give
  • Odottaa – to wait
  • Syödä – to eat
  • Tulla – to come


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