25 most used French verbs

Find the list of the 25 most used French verbs underneath. Click here to directly go to the list.

French verbs can be tricky, even for seasoned learners. They conjugate (change) based on tense, mood, and subject, and there are more than 12,000 of them! But fear not; we’re not suggesting you tackle all 12,000 right away. Starting with the Essential 25 is like building a sturdy foundation for your language learning house.

Verbs are the engines of language, and in French, they’re particularly vital. These 25 verbs cover a wide range of meanings and situations, making them indispensable tools for communication. Whether you’re ordering a croissant at a Parisian café, navigating a conversation with a new friend, or discussing your future travel plans, these verbs will be your trusty companions.

These 25 verbs that we have selected are your linguistic ‘Swiss army knife’, allowing you to express thoughts, desires, and actions, and to engage in everyday interactions with confidence in French.


List of most used French verbs

Find a list of the most essential French verbs underneath:

  • Être – to be
  • Avoir – to have
  • Prendre – to take
  • Pouvoir – to can
  • Aller – to go
  • Dire – to say. / tell
  • Tenir – to hold / grasp
  • Faire – to do / make
  • Penser – to think
  • Mettre – to put
  • Acheter – to buy
  • Parler – to speak
  • Vouloir – to want
  • Ouvrir – to open
  • Voir – to see
  • Demander – to ask
  • Trouver – to find
  • Porter – to wear / carry
  • Aider – to help
  • Vivre – to live
  • Savoir – to know
  • Donner – to give
  • Attendre – to wait
  • Manger – to eat
  • Venir – to come

Interested in learning how to conjugate like a pro in French? Check out the French conjugation blueprint.

By focusing on these 25 verbs, you’re not just memorizing words but also honing your verb conjugation skills. French verbs have a unique way of changing depending on the subject and tense, and practicing these 25 will give you a solid grasp of this crucial aspect of the language.
Opening Doors to Complexity

Once you’ve got these 25 under your belt, you’ll find it much easier to explore more complex tenses, moods, and expressions in French. It’s like leveling up in a video game; you’ve unlocked the basic skills, and now you can delve deeper into the world of French linguistics.
Confidence Booster

Finally, mastering these 25 verbs provides a confidence boost that’s essential for language learners. As you become more comfortable using these verbs in conversations, you’ll feel more at ease speaking and interacting in French. Confidence is key when learning a new language, and these verbs are your secret weapon.

In conclusion, learning the 25 most important verbs in French is like discovering the treasure chest at the heart of language learning. They open doors to communication, build your foundation, and provide the confidence you need to tackle more complex aspects of the language. So, arm yourself with these verbs, set sail on your linguistic journey, and enjoy the beauty of the French language, one verb at a time.

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