25 most used Romanian verbs

The Romanian language, also known as Daco-Romanian, is a Romance language spoken by approximately 24 million people, primarily in Romania and Moldova.
As a Romance language, Romanian shares historical roots with Latin and shows unique features influenced by its geographic location and the historical interactions with neighboring Slavic, Turkish, and Hungarian languages. It is the only Romance language spoken in Eastern Europe, making it an intriguing linguistic bridge between the Romance and Slavic language families.

Learners of Romanian will always have to start with the most important verbs of the language in the present tense. This PDF created an easy overview of the most used Romanian verbs. The following verbs are included in the PDF:

List of most used Romanian verbs

Find a list of the most essential Romanian verbs underneath:

  • fi – to be
  • avea – to have
  • face – to do, to make
  • spune – to say, to tell
  • merge – to go
  • veni – to come
  • lua – to take
  • vedea – to see
  • ști – to know
  • putea – can, to be able to
  • vrea – to want
  • gândi – to think
  • simți – to feel
  • mânca – to eat
  • bea – to drink
  • dormi – to sleep
  • lucra – to work
  • trăi – to live
  • auzi – to hear
  • ajuta – to help
  • vorbi – to speak
  • citi – to read
  • scrie – to write
  • învăța – to learn
  • alege – to choose

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