25 most used Swedish verbs

Swedish, a North Germanic language spoken by over 10 million people, stands as the official language of Sweden and one of the official languages of Finland. Known for its melodic sound and relatively simple grammar compared to some of its Germanic counterparts, Swedish presents a compelling language-learning opportunity.

Understanding the present tense is fundamental in navigating everyday communication in Swedish. In this tense, verbs are conjugated to convey actions or states in the current moment, forming a crucial basis for effective dialogue. Mastering the present tense allows learners to express thoughts, describe routines, and engage in basic conversations with native speakers. Whether discussing daily activities or expressing immediate desires, a grasp of the present tense serves as a key stepping stone for those embarking on the journey of learning the Swedish language.

On the 25 most used Swedish verbs PDF the following verbs are included. See the list underneath

List of most used Swedish verbs

Find a list of the most essential Swedish verbs underneath:

  • vara – to be
  • ha – to have
  • göra – to do, to make
  • säga – to say, to tell
  • – to go
  • komma – to come
  • ta – to take
  • se – to see
  • veta – to know
  • kunna – can, to be able to
  • vilja – to want
  • tänka – to think
  • känna – to feel, to know
  • äta – to eat
  • dricka – to drink
  • sova – to sleep
  • älska – to love
  • arbeta – to work
  • bo – to live, to reside
  • höra – to hear
  • hjälpa – to help
  • prata – to speak, to talk
  • läsa – to read
  • skriva – to write
  • förstå – to understand
  • lära sig – to learn
  • öppna – to open
  • stänga – to close
  • välja – to choose
  • gilla – to like

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