About us

The journey so far… At Language Blueprints, we believe that language learning should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We understand the challenges that learners face, especially when it comes to understanding verb conjugations. That’s why we are dedicated to providing visual aids and resources that simplify language patterns, making learning easier and more intuitive.

Our Founder

Language Blueprints was founded by Linda van der Hoeven, who experienced firsthand the struggles of learning Spanish in her 30s. As a visual learner, she found it difficult to grasp the complexities of verb conjugations without a visual aid. Determined to find a solution, Linda embarked on a journey of exploration and collaboration.

Through countless discussions with Spanish speakers and language experts, Linda developed a Spanish conjugation chart that visualized the patterns and structure of verb conjugations. Sharing this chart online, she quickly realized that there were many others who also needed a visual aid to comprehend the concept of conjugations.

The Birth of Language Blueprints

Encouraged by the positive response to her Spanish conjugation chart, Linda realized that patterns exist in every language, and cracking these patterns could unlock the complexities of verb conjugations. With a passion for simplifying language learning, she assembled a team of talented linguists who shared her vision.

Together, they worked tirelessly to analyze and decipher the intricate patterns in different languages. By breaking down complex conjugations into simple, logical structures, they created a series of PDF resources that would revolutionize language learning.

Our PDF Resources

Our PDF resources are meticulously designed to provide learners with a clear understanding of verb conjugations in various languages. Each PDF focuses on the most important verbs, providing visual charts and explanations that make conjugations easy to comprehend.

Whether you’re a beginner starting your language learning journey or an intermediate learner looking to reinforce your understanding, our PDFs will guide you through the patterns and help you gain confidence in your language skills.

Our Commitment

At Language Blueprints, our mission is to make language learning accessible to all. We are committed to continuously developing new resources, expanding our language offerings, and supporting learners worldwide. To sustain our efforts and continue our development, we offer our PDFs for a small fee, ensuring that we can reach more learners and provide them with high-quality language resources.

Join us on this exciting language learning adventure and unlock the blueprints of languages. Start your journey with Language Blueprints today!