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Can you master the Dutch Present Tense?

Dutch verbs, especially in the present tense, tend to follow regular patterns. Most verbs are conjugated using a consistent set of rules, making it easier to predict how they change based on the subject. Pattern to conjugate in the Dutch Present tense:How to conjugate...

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14 different Dutch accents and dialects

Dutch is primarily spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium (where it is called Flemish). While Dutch itself does not have an extensive range of accents compared to some other languages, there are regional variations in pronunciation and vocabulary that can be considered...

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50 participles in Dutch you have to know

When you learn Dutch you will find that learning the participle is one of the first things you will need to master if you are taking your Dutch language skills to the next level. Check out the Dutch conjugation chart to see exactly how the participle is being formed...

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