Danish conjugation chart

Are you need of a visual tool that will learn you how to conjugate verbs in Danish? Are you ready to solve this issue and just have it displayed in 1 simple overview?

Conjugations in Danish can be difficult if you can’t get the sheer overview of how the conjugation are formed. There are 100’s of Danish verbs and luckily most of them act very predictable.

For this reason we have put together this conjugation chart. 1 overview of the only tenses you actually need to learn to become a fluent Danish speaker.
It will show you the pattern that is the same for all the regular verbs in Danish.

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How to work this Danish conjugation chart

Conjugation charts function as invaluable tools for illustrating the patterns of language conjugation. They don’t need to be overly complicated. In any language, including Danish, you encounter both regular and irregular verbs. A conjugation chart primarily focuses on the regular verbs, showcasing the standard method of verb conjugation and the underlying rationale behind it. Let’s delve into the four fundamental tenses in Danish: the present, past, future, and conditional tenses.
It’s important to note that there exist additional tenses crucial for achieving fluency, but for now, let’s explore whether you can familiarize yourself with them simply by examining this table before you.

Danish verbs are either strong of weak verbs. According to their nature this will tell you how the verb should be conjugated. Especially in the Danish past tense this can be a challenge.

Use the following weak and strong Danish verbs to conjugate the present, past, future and conditional tense:

Weak verb: Tale (to speak)

Strong verb: Drikke (to drink)

All verbs have a stem. In this case Tal and Drikk.

Form the Danish present tense

Conjugate the Danish present tense in the following way:

Weak + Strong verbs

jeg stem + er
du stem + er
han stem + er
vi stem + er
I stem + er
de stem + er

Form the Danish past tense

Conjugate the Danish past tense in the following way:

Weak verbs

jeg stem + te/ede/de
du stem + te/ede/de
han stem + te/ede/de
vi stem + te/ede/de
I stem + te/ede/de
de stem + te/ede/de

Strong verbs

You can almost say that strong Danish verbs in the past tense are irregular. However, there is still a pattern to be found in the 7 different ways or categories in the Danish past tense. Get familiar with them to master the past conjugations. They might be the most challenging in learning Danish. The 7 different categories to conjugate these strong verbs are explained in our PDF. 


Form the Danish future tense

Conjugate the Danish future tense in the following way:

Weak + Strong verbs

jeg vil + verb
du vil + verb
han vil + verb
vi vil + verb
I vil + verb
de vil + verb

Form the Danish conditional tense

Conjugate the Danish conditional tense in the following way:

Weak + Strong verbs

jeg ville + verb
du ville + verb
han ville + verb
vi ville + verb
I ville + verb
de ville + verb

The Danish conjugation chart also visualises the following tenses:
– Present perfect
– Future perfect
– Present continous

A Danish conjugation chart is an indispensable tool for anyone learning the Danish language, primarily because it provides a visual representation of the intricate verb conjugation patterns in Danish. Danish verbs can be hard to learn if you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. In this linguistic landscape, a conjugation chart serves as a map, helping learners navigate the terrain of verb forms and endings. It offers a clear, organized, and concise way to grasp the intricate relationships between verb roots and their various inflected forms. By visualizing these patterns, learners can better understand how verbs change based on tense, mood, person, and number, making the process of conjugation more comprehensible and manageable. In essence, a Danish conjugation chart is an essential aid that simplifies the otherwise daunting task of mastering Danish verb conjugation, providing you with a valuable resource to enhance your language skills.

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