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German is spoken in many countries across Europe and is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Knowing how to communicate in German will open up many opportunities for you, both professionally and personally.

The German conjugations are one of the most difficult in the world. Having the right tools to visualise the rules, changes and exceptions are essential for any visual learner to help understand this language better and faster.

25 most used German verbs

Beginner level

German conjugation chart


German conjugation chart

Advanced level

German language

German conjugation chart

German regular verb conjugation chart

Interested in learning the most essential tenses of the German language? Check out this German conjugation blueprint.

25 most used verbs in German

Any beginner should first master the 25 most used verbs in the present tense. Find a list of the most important German verbs here.

25 most used German verbs


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German Conjugations

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