Most used verbs – posters

Learning the essential 25 verbs in the present tense is essential to learning a language fast and efficiently.
See what “25 most used verbs” posters / PDF’s we have for what languages:

Roman languages

Romance languages are a beautiful family of languages, derived from Latin, that encompass French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and more

25 most used verbs in Portuguese


Most used Spanish verbs


25 most used Italian verbs


Most used French verbs


25 most used verbs in Portuguese


25 most used verbs in Portuguese


Germanic languages

Germanic languages are a fascinating group of languages, including English, German, Dutch, and more, known for their intricate linguistic structures.

25 most used German verbs


Most used Dutch verbs


25 most used Norwegian verbs - poster


Most used Dutch verbs


25 most used German verbs


25 most used German verbs


25 most used German verbs


Slavic languages

Slavic languages are a diverse family of languages, with a unique alphabet, spanning from Russian to Polish.

25 Most used Russian verbs - In English to Russian pronunciation


25 Most used Russian verbs - In English to Russian pronunciation


25 Most used Russian verbs - In English to Russian pronunciation


Uralic languages

Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian are the three most widely spoken Uralic languages.

List of most used Estonian verbs


25 most used Finnish verbs


25 most used Finnish verbs


Altaic languages

The language family that holds members like Turkish, Tatar, & Uzbek

25 most used Finnish verbs


Austronesian languages

The Austronesian language family makes one of the largest linguistic families of the world

Most used Indonesian verbs


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