Japanese indicative conjugation chart

Starting to learn Japanese can be intimidating due to its complex writing systems, intricate honorifics and politeness levels, and the vast array of kanji characters to master.

What if you adopted a Western conjugation methodology for learning Japanese; approaching verb conjugation in a manner similar to Germanic or Romance languages? This conjugation chart is designed to illustrate the pattern of conjugating verbs in the Japanese indicative tense (equivalent to the present and future tense), explained using both Kana (Japanese characters) and Latin alphabet for reference.

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Japanese indicative conjugation chart

Product Description

This Japanese conjugation chart to learn the indicative tense includes:

– The pattern to conjugate the Japanese indicative tense for Godan and Ichidan verbs.
– Explanation how and when to use the indicative tense.
– Categorisation of the most used Japanese verbs into Godan, Ichidan or irregular.
– Verbs are all presented in Kana (Japanese characters), Latin alphabet and the English translation of the verb
– Most used Japanese verbs conjugated in the Affirmative, Negative, formal and informal form.

Japanese indicative conjugation chart


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