Master French conjugation – full digital chart set

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Master French conjugation with this chart set.

French can be an easy language if you are able to see the pattern behind conjugations. The French conjugation blueprint is great for intermediate students to learn the basics in conjugations.
However, this master chart set will take a bit further.

It will visualise the pattern behind French conjugations. And it will also teach you the irregularities of the language. Making you master the most used regular and irregular verbs of the French language in the essential tenses to reach fluency.

This bundle of French conjugation charts will:

– explore the regular way to conjugate the 3 different types of verbs in French
– learn conjugations in 6 essential tenses in French
– give you an extensive list of regular commonly used French verbs in each essential tense
– give you the irregular French verbs to which the regular rules of conjugation do not apply to
– give you 40 regular French verbs, categorised according to their type, so you can practice to conjugate them yourself

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Master French conjugation – full digital chart set

Product Description

This Master French conjugation set consists of 8 poster to help you conjugate fluently in French in no time.
The following conjugation charts are included in the set:

* The French conjugation chart – A blue print to conjugate regular verbs in 7 tenses

* Individual tense sheets – to learn the pattern as well as irregular verbs:
– Present tense conjugation chart
– Simple past tense conjugation chart
– Future tense conjugation chart
– Imperfect tense conjugation chart
– Conditional conjugation chart
– Compound past conjugation chart

Download these posters as a PDF set to obtain an advanced level in French fast.

Master French conjugation – full digital chart set

3 reviews for Master French conjugation – full digital chart set

  1. Sandra

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE SO much verbs and attractively laid out DEFFO BUY

  2. Schantzam

    All good. As expected. Thanks

  3. Joseph

    Excellent product. No complaints. Digital format.

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