25 most used verbs in Catalan

This PDF poster is great tool for visual learners who want to embark on the journey of learning Catalan.

If you want to learn Catalan your first step will need to be to know the 25 most used verbs in Catalan and in their present tense.
Find the most utilised and important verbs of the Catalan language on this poster with their English translation and the way to conjugate them in the present tense.


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25 most used verbs in Catalan

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List of the verbs that are included on the poster are:
Ser – to be
Estar – to be
Fer – to do/make
Tenir – to have
Dir – to say / tell
Anar – to go
Saber – to know
Voler – to want
Haver -to have
Poder – to be able to
Menjar – to eat
Beure – to drink
Veure – to see
Donar – to give
Arribar – to arrive
Parlar – to speak
Prendre – to take
Esperar – to wait
Passar – to happen / pass
Trobar – to find
Sentir – to feel
Viure – to live
Deixar – to leave / let
Tornar – to return
Venir – to come

25 most used verbs in Catalan


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