Danish present tense chart

Are you familiar with a Danish present tense conjugation chart? It is a handy PDF guide designed to help you understand how verb conjugations work in the Danish language when it comes to the present tense.

The Danish present tense chart will
– explore the regular way to conjugate the 2 different types of verbs in Danish
– give you an extensive list of regular commonly used Danish verbs in the present tense.
– give you the irregular Danish verbs to which the regular rules of conjugation do not apply to.
– give you 40 regular Danish verb, categorised according to their type, so you can practice to conjugate them yourself.


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Danish present tense chart

Product Description

Learning the present tense is a crucial step in building a solid foundation in Danish, because it allows you to express actions and states happening right now, which is essential for forming more complex tenses.

The real beauty of having access to such a chart is that it not only teaches you the fundamental rules of present tense conjugation, but also enables you to become proficient in using a whopping 87 different verbs.

Mastering these verb forms in the Danish present tense is a significant advantage. It equips you with the language skills needed for effective communication in various everyday situations, making your interactions more meaningful and boosting your overall fluency in Danish.

Danish present tense chart


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