Japanese essential conjugation chart

This digital Japanese conjugation blueprint is a visualisation of how to conjugate essential Japanese tenses.

Taking the conjugation techniques from Roman and Germanic languages like Spanish and English, we can learn the pattern of the Japanese verbs by applying simple patterns. Breaking it down to a level where as a foreigner you can get a grasp of the formation of Japanese verbs.

This PDF visualizes that pattern in Japanese writing as well as the transliteration, giving you opportunity to learn simultaneously as you go.


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Japanese essential conjugation chart

Product Description

This Japanese conjugation chart includes the explanation of:
– Godan verbs – what it is, how to recognise them and how to form the stem.
– Ichidan verbs – what it is, how to recognise them and how to form the stem.
– Form the present tense
– Form the past tense
– Form the future tense (same as present tense)
– Form the conditional tense
– Form the imperative (command) tense
– Express desire (to want)
– Giving you 30 Japanese verbs to practice the conjugation patterns with.

Japanese essential conjugation chart


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