25 most used Estonian verbs

Estonian, a Finno-Ugric language spoken by approximately 1.3 million people, primarily in Estonia, stands out as a unique and fascinating linguistic gem. As the official language of Estonia, it shares its roots with Finnish and is distinct from its Indo-European language neighbors. One intriguing aspect for language learners is the present tense in Estonian, which, despite its reputation for being a challenging language to master, offers a relatively straightforward approach in this particular grammatical aspect. The present tense in Estonian generally requires fewer conjugations compared to many Indo-European languages, making it an accessible entry point for those delving into the intricacies of this Baltic language. Let’s dive into the 25 most used verbs in the Estonian language. Find the list underneath:

List of most used Estonian verbs

List of most used Estonian verbs

Find a list of the most essential Estonian verbs underneath:

  • Olema – to be
  • Tegema – to do/make
  • Saama – to get
  • Minema – to go
  • Nägema – to see
  • Tundma – to feel
  • Mõtlema – to think
  • Rääkima – to talk / speak
  • Küsima – to ask
  • Tulema – to come
  • Vastama – to answer
  • Teadma – to know
  • Tahtma – to want
  • Helistama – to call
  • Võtma – to take
  • Andma – to give
  • Jääma – to stay
  • Tooma – to bring
  • Elama – to live
  • Vaatama – to look
  • Õppima – to learn
  • Kuulama – to listen
  • Töötama – to work
  • Sööma – to eat
  • Jooma – to drink


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