25 most used Indonesian verbs

In Bahasa Indonesia, present tense conjugation involves adapting verbs 1 way to convey actions happening in the current moment.

Verbs are not modified based on the subject. They are only modified according to the tense.

For instance, the verb “to eat” (makan) transforms into “saya makan” for “I eat,” “kamu makan” for “you eat” (informal), “dia makan” for “he/she eats,” “kami makan” for “we eat,” “kalian makan” for “you all eat,” and “mereka makan” for “they eat.”

Similarly, the verb “to drink” (minum) undergoes conjugation to express actions in the present tense, resulting in forms such as “saya minum,” “kamu minum,” “dia minum,” “kami minum,” “kalian minum,” and “mereka minum.”

Find a list of the most used verbs in Bahasa underneath.

List of most used Indonesian verbs

Find a list of the most essential Indonesian verbs underneath:

  • memiliki – to have
  • menjadi – to become
  • bisa – can, able to
  • harus – must, have to
  • melakukan – to do
  • mengatakan – to say
  • melihat – to see
  • tahu – to know
  • datang – to come
  • pergi – to go
  • mengambil – to take
  • memberikan – to give
  • menerima – to receive
  • berbicara – to speak
  • mendengar – to hear
  • memahami – to understand
  • meminta – to ask
  • membeli – to buy
  • berpikir – to think
  • mencari – to search, to look for
  • mencoba – to try
  • menunggu – to wait
  • misum – to drink
  • memutuskan – to decide
  • mayan – to eat

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