The gerund in Portuguese

Learning the gerund in Portuguese is very simple thing to do.

How to form the gerund in Portuguese

All verbs in Portuguese end in -AR, ER or IR. According to these 3 categories you can form the gerund in Portuguese following the this rule:

-AR verb = stem + ando

-ER verb = stem + endo

IR verb = stem + indo

Most used gerunds in Portuguese

Here is a list of the most used Portuguese Gerunds in alphabetical order:

Portuguese verbGerund
Ajudar | to helpajudando
Andar | to walkandando
Cair | to fallcaindo
Comer | to eatcomendo
Conhecer | to knowconhecendo
Contar | to countcontando
Correr | to runcorrendo
Dar | to givedando
Deixar | to allowdeixando
Dever | to owedevendo
dizer | to saydizendo
Dormir | to sleepdormindo
Enviar | to sendenviando
Escutar | to listenescutando
Esperar | to waitesperando
Estar | to beestando
Estudar | to studyestudando
Fazer | to do / makefazendo
Ganhar | to earnganhando
Haver | to havehavendo
Ir | to goindo
Ler | to readlendo
Levar | to take / carrylevando
Morrer | to diemorrendo
Olhar | to lookolhando
Ouvir | to hearouvindo
pagar | to paypagando
Parar | to stopparando
Pedir | to ask forpedindo
Pensar | to thinkpensando
Perder | to loseperdendo
Poder | to be ablepodendo
Querer | to wantquerendo
Rir | to laughrindo
Saber | to knowsabendo
Sair | to leavesaindo
Ser | to besendo
Subir | to go upsubindo
Ter | to havetendo
Tirar | to pull outtirando
Tomar | to take/drinktomando
Trazer | to bringtrazendo
Usar | to useusando
Ver | to seevendo
Vestir | to dressvestindo
Vir | to comevindo
Viver | to livevivendo

Irregular gerunds in Portuguese

Luckily the majority of Portuguese verbs are regular when it comes to forming the gerund. However, like in any language there always has to be an exception. In Portuguese you have a few and the most important one is:

Pôr | to putpondo

Practice to form the gerund in Portuguese

Now that you know the formula to forming the gerund let’s see if you can form the gerund for these regular Portuguese verbs:

Amar (love)

Cantar (sing)

Confiar (trust)

Comprar (buy)

Cozinhar (cook)

Criar (create)

Encontrar (find)

Inventar (invent)

Lavar (wash)

Manchar (stain)

Receber (receive)


Romper (break)

Sofrer (suffer)


Existir (exist)

Insistir (insist)

Permitir (allow)

Proibir (prohibit)

Reunir (gather)

It really is a piece of cake as long you practice!

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